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It is possible to find the page of a member on the left side of the members page by clicking on the member of which you want to see the page.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Member profile

The title of the first menu of the member page will have the name of the member.

You will be able to change your profile picture on your account page.

Leave project

If you are on your own page in a project you will see a leave project button.

Click here and then confirm the popup if you wish to leave this project.

Remove member

Administrators will be able to see a remove member button here.

Click here and then confirm the popup if you wish to remove this user from the project.

Member of teams

Here you will be able to see what teams this member is part of.

You will be able to see how many members are part of each team along with the name and profile picture of the team.
If you want to add a member to a team go to the team page and add the member.

A member can also be assigned teams when they get invited so they automatically get assigned to their team.


Topics that are assigned to this member


Model revisions uploaded by this member.

Permission settings

Administrators will be able to grant this member administrator settings.

Keep in mind that this member can have inherited administrator settings from one of their teams. A team administrator setting will overwrite the members permission setting.

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