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Table view in the documents section
Table view in the documents section
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The documents page has received an overhaul 🎉🎉

New columns

The set of columns is as follows:



Revision name

Model name








Revision name

This is the name of the original file that was uploaded.

In contrast to the document name in the Name colon the revision name cannot be changed.

Model name

If models as documents has been enabled for your project you will see the name of the model that is connected to an ifc file in this column.


This column will let you open ifc files and point clouds in the 3D viewer. This existed before but has a column name now.

If your models as documents is enabled for your project you can directly open the 2D view or 3D view of the document-model in from the list view and center on the model if it is loaded in 3D


This column will let you know when the document was originally created.

This is different from published as published is the date and time of the publishing of the latest revision in the document.

Dynamic columns

The new documents section is more dynamic.

You can drag the column to change its size to your liking just like in the issues section and your preference will be remembered until next time.

Column dropdown

On the top right of the documents table you will find a very powerful new feature called "Columns".

This dropdown menu lets you rearrange your columns and turn them on and off.

You can even hide the checkboxes if you would like!

Column header row

Dragging columns

You can drag on the header of the column in the header row to move it left and right.

If you drag the header outside of the table it will be hidden.

To get the header back you will have to enable it again in the column drop down.

Auto resize

Double click the divider between columns to auto resize to the content of the column.
This is useful viewing long document names.

The widths you change will only change for the user and not all users in the project.

Dynamic rows

You can now drag folders/documents onto a folder to move it to that folder.

You can now see how many documents you have selected


Clicking on the header row of the documents list will sort the list according to that column.

The arrows will indicate which column is sorted and in which direction.

Selecting documents

It is now much easier to select documents by clicking on the row now.
Previously clicking on the row of the folder/document would take you to the contents of the folder/document.

To go to the contents of the folder/document now you have to click on the name.

Selection editing

If you hold control you can add/remove documents/folders to your selection

Selecting a range

If you hold shift you can select all documents between the document you click on and the closest selected document.

Right information panel

Some new functions that have been requested by many have been made available.
It is now possible to remove a label from multiple documents at a time and change the status of multiple documents at a time.

Compact view

Next to the columns dropdown you can now select compact view.

This is especially useful for screens with low resolution.

New filters

You can now filter on who created a document and who published a document by filtering on "Created by" and "Published by".

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