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You will be able to find the documents page as the fourth item in the left navigation menu in a project. This page is part of the content panel.

In the document management system you will be able to upload files and configure who has access to them.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Top buttons


See here how to upload a document in the documents section

New folder

This button creates a new folder. The window or folder you are in when you click the new folder button is the place that the new folder will appear.

Hamburger menu

See here how the hamburger menu behaves depending on if you are looking at a document structure or while within a document

Search and filter options

See here to find out how best to search in the documents section

Documents list

In the documents list you will be able to see the following columns

If you click on a document in this list you will open the document page.


Click the checkbox on the top row to select all documents in this folder.

You can also select documents one by one.


The document name. Keep in mind that this can be different from the original file name of the revision.


Documents will have the amount of revisions in it listed here


If the status workflow is turned on you will see the status of the document here.


Any labels applied to the document or folder will be listed here


Size of the latest revision in the document


The date the latest revision of the document was published


Objects linked to document. If you click on this you will be able to do the following:

Select objects

Isolate objects

Load objects as query.

Right panel

If you select a folder or file you will be able to find information about it in the right panel.

Click here to read more about what kind of document information is available.

Sub pages

As sub pages to the documents page you will find collections, approvals and settings

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