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You will be able to find the documents page as the fourth item in the left navigation menu in a project. This page is part of the content panel.

In the document management system you will be able to upload files and configure who has access to them.

The following topics will be described in this article:

New item actions

The new item actions can be found on the top right of the page.
See here for what the different actions do.

Search and filter options

See here to find out how best to search in the documents section

Documents table

The documents table can look something like this:

If you click on the name of a document in this table you will open latest public revision of the document.

1. Selected item actions

Without scrolling the documents section you can select up to 100 documents/folders.
If you scroll past 100 documents to load more documents on the page you will be able to select more.

Here you will be able to see how many documents you have selected.
If you have selected any documents you can click the minus in this checkbox to deselect all documents.

After selecting an item in the list the selected item actions menu will appear towards the top of the documents table. The selected item actions menu can look something like this.
Click here to read more about the selected item actions.

2. Documents table header row


Clicking on the header row of the documents list will sort the list according to that column.

The arrows will indicate which column is sorted and in which direction.

Adjusting width

You can drag on the line between columns in the header row to change their size to your liking. Your preference will be remembered until next time.

Double click the divider between columns to auto resize to the content of the column.
This is useful viewing long document names.

The widths you change will only change for the user and not all users in the project.

Adjusting column order

You can drag on the header row of a column to rearrange the order of your columns.

If you drag the header outside of the table it will be hidden.

To get the column back you will have to enable it again in the column drop down.

Click here to read more about the different columns in the documents list.

3. Compact view

This viewing options is especially useful on screens with low resolutions.

4. Columns dropdown

On the top right of the documents table you will find the "Columns" dropdown.

This dropdown menu lets you rearrange your columns and turn them on and off.

If you have accidentally hidden a column by dragging it out of the table you can turn it on again here.

5. Document checkbox

Select this checkbox to select the document.

6. Document row

Opening a document

You will be able to open the latest public revision of a document by:

  1. Clicking on the name of the document

  2. Double clicking on any of the white space in the row.

Selecting a row

Click once on any whitespace in the row to select it.

Click again after some time to deselect it again.

Be careful because if you click twice in rapid succession you will open the document.

You can also click the checkbox on the left. This way you will never accidentally enter the document.

Selection editing

If you hold control you can add/remove documents/folders to your selection

Selecting a range

If you hold shift you can select all documents between the document you click on and the closest selected document.

Note: If you select a row you will see right information panel appear on the right.

Right Information menu

If you select or enter a folder or file you will be able to find information about it in the right information menu.

Click here to read more about what kind of document information is available.

Sub pages

As sub pages to the documents page you will find collections, approvals and settings

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