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Bookmarks can be found on the bookmarks page.

This is what a bookmark can look like:

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Top buttons

New bookmark - Click here to make a new bookmark.

Hamburger menu

If the bookmark has been created by you, you will be able to click the hamburger menu to delete the bookmark.

Viewpoint image

The image of the viewport was generated when the bookmark was created.

If you hover over this image you will see a play button.

Playing a bookmark

Clicking anywhere on the image will recreate the viewpoint in the 3D viewer according to the models and revisions setting.

Note: If new revisions of the containing models or point clouds are uploaded the resulting view in the 3D viewer might look slightly different than on the picture.

The following settings will be saved in the bookmark:

Revision selector

Which 2D and 3D views have been turned on or off in the revision selector.

Point cloud settings.

Grid dropdown

Grids that have been turned on in the grid dropdown will be displayed

Visibility dropdown

Options configured with the visibility dropdown will be reproduced.

Selected objects will be selected when the viewpoint is played.

Shown, translucent or hidden objects will have the same visibility.

Camera options

The camera location and angle will be reproduced.

The shading options set in the camera options will be reproduced.

3D settings

Settings like field of view or incremental rendering set in the 3D settings will be reproduced.

Information panel


If selections have been made in the information panel these will be remembered when the viewpoint is played.

This makes it easy to select different sets of objects.

This also allows you to give a set of objects a color that is different from the default color of the objects when you normally open them from the models section.


Starring the image by clicking the star on the top left of the image will add this bookmark to your dashboard.

Play other option

To recreate the bookmark with the other models and revisions option than the one that is selected click the play icon on the bottom left of the viewpoint image.


The title of the bookmark.

This can be filtered with a text filter on the bookmarks page.

Created by

The user that created this bookmark and when it was created.

It is not possible to delete bookmarks that are shared with the project by users that are no longer part of the project

Copy and original bookmark

If this bookmark was made by copying a bookmark that was shared with the project by another user you will be able to go to the original bookmark by clicking "Open the original bookmark" here.

Similarly if you are looking at a bookmark of which you have made a copy you will be able to "Open my copy" here.



Only you will be able to see this bookmark.

You might have to turn of the publicly shared URL to make a bookmark private again.

Share with project

Project members will be able to filter for this bookmark and make copies of it.

Public URL sharing

As a project administrator you can create a URL that can be shared with people outside the project.

Organization owners can request for all public sharing features to be turned off for all their project. Some projects require this for security reasons.

If you would like to turn off all public sharing features please contact support with the black chat bubble on the bottom right or via

To create a public URL the bookmark first has to be shared with the project.

To enable a public bookmark click on Edit sharing and check the "Enable public url" checkbox.

Here you can also select an expiration date for the link.

Note: if your bookmark contains any previews of IFC documents or point cloud these will not be shared with the project for security reasons.

Models and revisions


Follow latest revision

Lock to original revisions

Below the options the models will be listed with the revision of the model that will be shown when the bookmark is played.


If previews of any IFC documents that have not been connected to models or point clouds are part of this bookmark you will see an overview of the documents here.

Here you will see the location of the document in the file structure, the name of the document and the revision of the document that will be shown.

These documents will not be part of the publicly shared bookmark.

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