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You will be able to find bookmarks as a sub-menu to the models page. This page is part of the content panel.
Playing a bookmark will recreate the situation that was in the 3D viewer when the bookmark was created.

If there is a specific set of models that you open and work with it can often take time to click the 3D button of each model. Even selecting the right models on the models page and then opening them all in 3D can be time consuming as the models often need to be found in a long list of models.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Top buttons

Click this button to create a new bookmark

Search and filter

By default the "My bookmarks" filter will be active.

Here you will see all bookmarks you have created.

If press the x on the right of the search bar and remove all filters, this filter will activate and all other filters will be removed..

If people have chosen to share their bookmarks with the project you will be able to find these by filtering for them.

To see what filters are available click the filter button to the left of the search bar.

Here you will be able to find the following filters:
All - type=all

All bookmarks you have access to

My bookmarks - type=my - Default

Your private bookmarks

Starred bookmarks - type=starred

If you have any starred bookmarks you will be able to see all bookmarks you have starred with this filter.

Shared bookmarks - type=shared

All bookmarks you have shared with the projects

Shared URL - type=shared-url

All bookmarks in the project that have been shared externally

Bookmark album

In the bookmark album you will be able to see all the bookmarks that fit the filters in the search bar. The bookmark album can look something like this:

Here all bookmarks will be listed in chronological order.

A single bookmark can look like this:

When you mouse over the image you will see a play button appear.

If you click anywhere on the image, the 3D panel will open and the bookmark will be loaded.

If you click anywhere on the description you will open the bookmark where you can edit its settings.

If the bookmark has been shared with the project by someone else you will see a "shared with project" icon.

If the bookmark has been shared externally you will see an open in new tab icon.

Top left icon

Copy to my bookmarks

If the bookmark has been shared with the project by someone else you will see a plus on the top left. Click this button to make a private copy of this bookmark.

You will know if it has successfully made a copy when the icon turns into a checkmark and you see a message at the bottom of the page where you can open your copy.

You will also be able to search for your copy after refreshing the page.

Starred bookmarks

If you own the bookmark you will see that you can the top left icon has become a star.

Clicking this star will add a yellow star for this bookmark.

Starred bookmarks will appear on your dashboard.

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