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Projects page - Organization tool
Projects page - Organization tool
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You will be able to find the projects page as a sub page to your organizations profile page.

Here you will see an overview of all the projects that are part of this organization.

In this article you will be able to find information about the following:

Search and filter

On the projects page you will be able to filter for the following:

Hide empty filters

The "Hide empty filters" toggle is off by default which means you see all possible filters.

You can turn this filter button on to hide any filters have no results.

Created - createdAtFrom=<UTC timestamp>&createdAtTo=<UTC timestamp>

Projects that were created between two dates that you pick

Expired - expiration=expired - Projects that are expired

Not expired - expiration=not-expired - Projects that are not expired

Action buttons

After selecting one or more project(s) in the projects list by clicking on their checkbox you will see the following action buttons appear towards the top of the projects list.

Add new members

If the user you want to add is a member your organization you will be able to add the member to a project without an email invitation.

See an overview of the members in your organization on the user page in the organization tool.

From the 'add new members' menu you can also invite external users by email address without being part of the project.

If you want to add an organization member to multiple projects you can also do this by selecting the user on the users page and clicking add to projects in the right information panel.


Move the selected project(s) to another organization


Become part of the selected project(s)


Leave the selected project(s)


Delete the selected project(s)

Projects list

In the projects list you will be able to find the following columns which you can sort in ascending and descending order.

The sorting order of the project list follows the sorting order of lists around Catenda.

Click the checkbox on the top left of the list to select all project.


Check the checkbox of a project to select it.

Selecting a project will open up the right information panel about that project.

It is not possible to select projects that have been expired.


The name of the project

If the project has not expired you will see a link to open in new tab icon next to the name.


Below the name you will see how many users are members of this project and if you are a member of this project or not.

Last updated

The time and date when the project was last updated


The time and date the project was created


The time and that the project expires.

If this is red that means that the project has expired.

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