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Filtering on the approvals page
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You can open the filter panel in an issue board by clicking on the filter button to the left of the search bar on the approvals page.

Saved filters

Click here to read more about how to save a set of filters


Note: The URL changes depending on what filters you have applied.

This makes it so you can share your current filtered issue board with other users that are part of the project.

If multiple of the same filters selected they are separated by a ,

If multiple filters are selected they are separated by &

Different filters and their URL equivalents:

No filter - state=all

Hide empty filters

The "Hide empty filters" toggle is off by default which means you see all possible filters.

You can turn this filter button on to hide any filters have no results.

My approvals

I am publisher - publisher=<Member GUID>

Created by me - created-by=<Member GUID>


Open - state=pending - Default

Published - state=published

Discarded - state=discarded


Member name - reviewers=<Member GUID>

Due date

Overdue - due=overdue

Less than a day - due=2d

Less than a week - due=1w

Less than a two weeks - due=2w

Less than a month - due=1m

All with a due date - due=present

No due date - due=none

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