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If there is a set of filters you use a lot it is possible to save them on the top of the filter bar.

Every time you navigate to a page you will see the default filters.

It can be a hassle to filter for the right filters every time.

With saved filters you can easily search for a set of filters with once click without having to type them in every time.

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Saving a new set of filters

In order to save a filter you need to at least have at least one filter enabled.
With a set of filters enabled, click the Save button to save the current filter.

This filter will be available to you next time you use Catenda Hub and will not be visible to other users.

Editing saved filters

Once you have saved a filter you will be able to click on edit to edit your saved filters.

In edit mode you can:

Edit the name of the filter - Pencil

Update the filter with what is currently filtered - Refresh icon

Delete the filter - Trashcan.

Remember to click Done on the top right when you are done.

Activating a saved filter

To filter for the set of saved filters simply click on your saved filter in the filter menu on the left and you will see the filters appear in the search bar.

Pages where you can filter

You will be able to save filters on the following pages:

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