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The 3D viewer button is useful to have open when you open the inspect panel.

To open the inspect panel click the inspect panel button.


The inspect panel shows all the data for the selected object in the BIM. The top part has a dropdown that lets you navigate quickly to the desired part of the information.



In addition to the information from the IFC models(s) it also shows issues related to the

selected object.

Clicking on a related issue brings you directly to the issue-view with this issue selected.

If you make an issue by clicking on the plus the selected objects will be linked to the issue.



Here you can find the properties the selected objects have in common.


Here you can find the quantities the selected objects have in common


Here you can find the materials the selected objects have in common


The “library box” in the viewer exists if there are documents or library items connected with the selected object(s). You can click on the number to the right of these items to get the linked documents/library items shown in a view on the left part of the screen.


Selecting two or more objects shows common properties, issues or tags.


If all your objects belong to one model you will be able to find which one it is here.

Owner History

Here you can find who originally exported the model, what authoring tool they used and when the model was exported.
You might also be able to see if someone edited the model between export from authoring tool and import in Catenda Hub.

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