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If you open a document you will be able to see a column along the right edge of your browser that looks something like this:

You can click on the arrow pointing left to expand this menu.

This expanded menu can look something like this:

This article contains information about the following topics:

Top buttons

The top buttons correspond to the icons you see when the right menu is closed.

Click here to read more about the top buttons and the hamburger menu in the right information menu.

Revision properties

Revision number

The revision of the document

Revision name

The revision name is the name that the file had on the system when it was first uploaded.

This cannot be changed.

Amount of bytes

The size of the document

Document owner/creator

The person that uploaded the document

Virus notification

If a virus is detected you will see a notification in red text.

It is not recommended to download a document revision that is infected.

You will not be able to view the contents of a revision with a virus.

Document status

Anyone can change this


Here you can add existing or new labels.

You can also remove any applied labels.

If this documents contains specific information it can be useful to apply a label so the documents can be found again later. If there are similar documents in the folder it is better to apply the label to the folder.

Document info

Access control

See access

Edit access


See previous revision's revision properties.

Download revisions

Open approvals

See open approvals connected to this draft


See the collections that this document is part of


See document history

Linked objects

See the objects that are linked to this document

Related issues

See the issues that are linked to this document

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