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You will be able to find the right information menu in a topic on the right side of the topic content. This article will contain information about the related items in a topic.

1. You will find the topic header below the topic navigation in the top banner of a topic.

2. The topic header will be described in this article

3. To the right of the topic body and header you will find the right information menu.

4. Below the header of an topic you will find the topic body.

The following topics will be described in this articled in this article:

This is what the right information menu might look like when all menus are retracted:

Top buttons


If you create an topic everyone with access to the topic board will get a notification.

However, if they have nothing to do with the topic they will not get notifications about any future happenings like comments and changes in any of the fields.

If you follow an topic you will get notifications about all the changes in the topic.

Make members follow

Assigning a member to an topic makes it so they automatically follow the topic.

Setting a member as requestee of an topic makes it so they automatically follow the topic.

Because you are set as requestee by default upon topic creation you are usually following topics you created.

Mentioning a member in an topic makes it so they automatically follow the topic.

Note: While the requestee, assignee and mentioned members get set as follower the same does not go for members of teams that are set as requestee, assignee or are mentioned in the topic.

Manually following

If someone has made an topic that has little to do with you but you are interested and would like to see how it develops you can follow the topic.

No-one can see that you followed, it just makes it so that you will from then on get notifications about any future changes in the topic.

Cases where you are not following an topic can be in topic where you have not been assigned or mentioned.


If you do not wish to receive notifications about future changes of this topic you can unfollow it by clicking on unfollow.

Copy link

Copy the link of a topic

Hamburger menu

Members with full access to the topic board will be able to see a hamburger menu next to the copy link button

Move topic - Move the topic to a different topic board.

Delete topic - Administrators will be able to delete topics here.

Note: You might want to move the topic to another topic board and archive the topic instead so you keep access to the data

Related documents

Expand this menu to see what documents are related to the topic.

The green bar above the documents shows what library the document belongs to.

To the right of the document type icon you will find the path to the document and the name of the document.
Hover over these to see a preview of the whole document / path name

The number on the right will display how many documents are currently linked to the topic.

Add documents

Navigate a library and click on link to the right of the document or folder to link it to the topic.

Note: Documents added from other libraries than the document library are not exportable and will therefore not be visible in our plugins/integrations and BCF/Excel and PDF exports

Download all documents

Download all documents as a zip file.
Links linked from the link library will not be downloaded.


Click on unlink next to the document, folder or link to unlink it from the topic.

While you are still on this page you can always click on link to re-link the document or folder or link.

Related objects

If you have objects selected when making an topic they will automatically be related to the topic.

Expand this menu to see the objects that are related to the topic.

The number on the right will display how many objects are currently related to the topic.

Green selection box

This box shows the amount of objects currently selected in 3D
Clicking Link or unlink in this box will overwrite the objects that are related to this topic with the current selection.

Grey object box

You can click on the grey object box to select the object in the topic and in 3D.

See what objects are selected by which ones are highlighted in grey.

Linking and unlinking one object at a time

If you want to link/unlink one object at a time you can either select/deselect it in 3D or you can click on the + or x next to the selected object in the list below.
The grey object field will include the following:
Object name - Type name (Entity component)

Related topics

Expand this menu to see what topics are related to the topic

If you link an topic with #[1234] in a description or comment the topic will be added to the list of related topics of both the current topic and to the list of the topic that is linked.
This makes it easy to navigate back and forward between topics.
Often users will make a "master topic" where they link all topics belonging to a task.
All topics in this task will then have the master topic as a related topic.

The number on the right will display how many topics that are currently related to the topic.

You can click anywhere on the topic to be taken to the respective topic.

Click on the topic number to copy a link to that topic .

Click on the three dots in the tags to see the rest of the tags.


Click on edit to add/remove related topics to the related topics list of this topic.
You will not be able to click on an topic to go to the topic in edit mode.

You can either select all topics by clicking on the box on top or select the ones you want by clicking on its respective box.
After selecting topics they can be removed from relations with the remove relations button.
Remember that the topic will only be removed as a relation from the current topic.
The topic that was related will most likely still have the current topic as a relation.
If you remove a relation this can instantly be seen by others.

As long as the page is loaded you will be able to undo your last removal.

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