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Administrators will be able to find the documents library settings as a sub page to the Documents page. Users that were granted access to the document status configuration in project settings will also see this page but only the status workflow part will be visible.

In the documents settings you will find options that let you configure your document library.
Here you will be able to configure these options:

Top buttons

Access overview:

This button will take you to the access overview of the documents section. Here you will be able to generate an overview of what team or member has access to which folders in the documents section.

Access control

In the access control menu you will be able to set the access of the root folder of the documents section.

This access works the same as the access for folders in the documents in the documents section. You can think of this as configuring access to the folder that contains all the folders and documents on the highest level in the documents section.

Status workflow

Activating the Status workflow will let you apply statuses on files.

This is one of the steps in activating document approval.
When you activate this workflow new documents will be uploaded as drafts by default.
You will then see that three statuses are made in your documents settings.

Published statuses and draft statuses

There are two types of statuses.
When a new document is uploaded as a draft a user can choose between one of the draft statuses.
When the draft checkbox is turned off a document will be uploaded as a published document. The user can then choose between one of the published statuses.

Add status

You can add a status by clicking on Add status.
A new status can have a color, a name and can either be a published or a draft status.

Editing statuses

You can edit a status by clicking on the pencil button to the right of the status.

You can change the color and the name of the status but not what type of status it its.

Archiving statuses

You can archive a status by clicking on the trashcan button to the right of the status.

If there are documents with this status you will still be able to see the status but it will now have a line through it because the status is no longer in use.

Archived statuses can always be brought back by clicking on "Show archived statuses"
Here you will see all your archived statuses and be able to restore them.

If you do not want there to be a draft checkbox when you upload a file but would still like to use published statuses on documents it is possible to archive all draft statuses and still have the published status option.

Default status

When a new published revision is made either by upload or by publishing drafts as a result of an approval you can choose what status it will have by default. This status can still be changed before each document is published.

Naming conventions

If you have naming conventions set up on the naming convention page in project settings you will be able to choose what folder the naming convention gets applied to here.

When applying a convention all new documents in the folder and subfolders have to:

  • Be named according to the naming convention

  • Have a document name which cannot be edited while the convention is active

  • Stay in the folder they were uploaded to and cannot be moved

To remove a naming convention press the X and approve with an empty field.

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