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Topic Banner - Navigating topics
Topic Banner - Navigating topics
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If you select an topic from an topic board a new window will appear for that topic.

This is what an topic window can look like:

1. The topic banner will be described in this article.

2. You will find the topic banner above the Topic header.

3. To the right of the topic header and body you will find the right information panel.

4. Below the header of an topic you will find the topic body.

The following topics will be described in this articled in this article:



Click on topics in the breadcrumbs to be taken back to the current topic board.

Topic board dropdown

Select an topic board in the topic boards dropdown in the breadcrumbs to be taken to that topic board.

Topic number and title

The Catenda Hub topic number and title of the topic.

Every new topic in the project increments the number by 1.

This number cannot be changed.

The number is unique in the project. You will therefore not see two topics with the same number in different topic boards.

If you export the topic to BCF and import it to another project it will get a new number based on the latest topic number in that project.

Although the same topic in two different project might have a different topic number in each project, the topic are still linked with an topic GUID.

If you have later made changes to the topic and export it to BCF again and import it to the other project again you will see that the right topic is updated even though it has a different number.

Topic navigation

Back to button - Get taken back to the part of Catenda Hub you were last looking at

Progress bar - Shows the topics you can navigate to

Note: You can only navigate as many topics as you had loaded in the topic board.
You can load 100 topics at a time by scrolling down in an topic board.
Unless you scroll all the way down in an topic board or there are less than 100 topics in the board.

This total number is therefore not indicative of the total topics in the topic board.

Previous and next buttons - Go to the previous or next topic in the filtered topic board

Top buttons

New topic - Create a new topic

Clone topic - Make a copy of this topic

You will want to clone an topic when you want to make a similar topic that is slightly different to the current topic.

It is not recommended to make multiple of the same topic and assign each to a different person.

Instead you will want to mention the different members you want to add to the topic with @member.

  • The header and description in the cloned topic will be the same as in the current topic

  • Include documents

    Documents linked to this topic will also be linked to the cloned topic

  • Include related objects

    Objects linked to this topic will also be linked to the cloned topic

Note: Comments do not get cloned

Settings - Get taken to topic board settings by clicking this button

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