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If you select a document or folder or if you enter a folder you will see bar appear along the right side of your screen. This bar contains information about the document(s) and file(s) you have selected or the folder that you entered.
The bar can look something like this:

You can click on the arrow pointing left to expand this panel.

This expanded panel can look something like this if you have one folder selected:

Top buttons


If you have any objects selected in the 3D viewer you can click this button to link them.


If you have any that are linked to a document you can select them in 3D and click on the unlink button to unlink these objects from the document.

Note: Folders cannot be linked to documents


Anyone who can see a document or folder can click here to download the document or folder.

Single documents

If you download one document you will get the document with its revision name (original file name)

Multiple documents
If you download multiple documents you will get the document name which can be different from the original file name.

Multiple documents will be downloaded in a zipped file.


Users with full access will be able to move documents to the different folders they have access to.

Hamburger menu (Three dots)

Users with full access will be able to click on the three dots to delete a document.
Deleted documents can be recovered by an administrator.

Read here to see how to recover a document

Folder information

On the bottom right of the folder icon you will see the amount of documents within that folder. If the folder is empty the icon will be shaded white.

To the right of the file name administrators will be able to see a pencil which can be used to edit the name of the document or folder.

File information

Revision number

The revision of the document

Revision name

The revision name is the name that the file had on the system when it was first uploaded.

This cannot be changed.

Amount of bytes

The size of the document

Document owner/creator

The person that uploaded the document

Virus notification

If a virus is detected you will see a notification in red text.

It is not recommended to download a document revision that is infected.

You will not be able to view the contents of a revision with a virus.

Document status

Anyone can change this

Multiple documents and folders information

If you have multiple documents or folders selected the document information will change

If you click on the red cross you can remove that folder or document from your selection.


Here you can add existing or new labels.

You can also remove any labels that have been applied to the folder or document.

It can be useful to label folders instead of every single file to make it easier to find specific information in later searches.

If multiple documents and folders are selected you can apply labels to them all at once.

Access Control

To find more information about access control in the documents section read here.


If your document is part of any collections, they will be listed here.

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