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Importing new model revision
Importing new model revision
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The model page shows us the domain models present in the project. By clicking on a domain model one will be directed to the revisions page. One can then click on "Import" and upload a new revision model.


This is done by choosing an IFC file from your hard drive. When uploading you will be asked to enter a comment that describes this upload (brief explanation to the project participants about what is new in the revision being uploaded). Click "send" to start the upload process.

When the process is complete Bimsync analyzes the IFC file and generates the geometry in the background. For large models it can take some time before the file is ready to be worked on in the viewer. If you wish you can exit Bimsync, geometry generation happens uninterrupted anyway. When importing is complete a notification will pop up in the menu bar in Bimsync and additionally an email will be sent to you stating that a new version is uploaded to a model for which you have access.

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