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To open the revision selector, click the button with the “cube” on the upper left of the screen in the 3D viewer.

The following topics will be described in this article:


The revision selector works very similar to task menu in model view, from here you can turn on or off a domain model in the viewer or choose which revision you want to look at.

Click the [2D] or [3D] buttons to turn on/off a model in 2D and 3D, or use the revision button to get a drop down where you can select the revision you want to work with.


What models are shown?

The revision selector will show up to 10 models when you first open the 3D viewer.

The models follow the general sorting order of lists in Catenda.
To load in more models click on the load more button at the bottom of the revision selector.


2D button
When the 2D button is blue the model is visible in the 2D viewer and loaded into memory.

When the button is grey the model will not be visible and is not loaded into memory.

3D button
The same behavior applies for the 3D button but for the 3D viewer.

If you hide the objects of a model the model will not be visible but will still be loaded into memory.

Model revision

- Latest revision
To the right you will often see Latest revision.
You can click on this text to change to an earlier revision after which the latest revision will be loaded out of memory and an earlier revision will be loaded into memory.
- Revision #X

The text will then have changed to Revision #X with X being the revision number you chose.

- #76 of 77

If there is an error with one of the revisions this text could look like #76 of 77.
The revision selector will always show the latest properly processed revision.

If there is a problem with one of the revisions it will then show the revision before it.

- No access

If you are using models as documents and do not have access to a model the text on the right will say no access.

Documents previews in the 3D viewer

If you have loaded a preview of an ifc or point cloud document in the 3D viewer, you will see them appear above your models.

Point cloud settings

Point clouds can be configured in the revision selector by clicking the gear icon

See the point cloud article to learn more about these settings.


Here you can see information about queries


Here for a short video about how you can compare two models

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