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Notification functionality
Notification functionality
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Both in your notification settings and in your project notification settings you will be able to configure which notifications you would and would not like to receive.

This article will describe what each notification does and when it gets sent.

This is what these notification can look like:

This article contains information about the following topics:


A new issue is created

An issue is assigned to me

An issue is mentioning me

New comment in an issue...

assigned to me

requested by me

followed by me

Status changed in an issue...

assigned to me

requested by me

followed by me

Type changed in an issue...

assigned to me

requested by me

followed by me


A document or a folder is created

A new document revision is uploaded

A document or a folder is deleted

I am set as the publisher in an approval request

A team I am a member of is set as the publisher in an approval request

I am set as a reviewer for an approval request

New comment in approval request


Followed a collection

Unfollowed a collection

As follower of a collection

Collection finalized

Collection made private

Collection deleted

Collection updated

As modifier of a collection

Collection shared externally


A new model is created

A new revision is imported

A new export is created


A person is invited to the project

A new user has joined the project

A member is added to a team

Permanent notifications

There are some notifications that cannot be configured:

Virus found in document

If a document is detected to be infected with a virus a notification will receive a notification regardless of email summary setting.
A notification will also be sent to the administrators in the project of the infected document.
The notification will state who uploaded what document where.

If your email notifications are completely off this notification will not be sent as an email notification. You will still get the notification in Catenda Hub even if Catenda Hub notifications are turned off.


Notifications about links shared with users via the sharelink function will always create notification for the user even if they have notifications turned off.

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