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When you go to you will be presented with this page:

If you make an account you will not automatically be part of a project.

To join someone's project you will have to accept an invitation link.

Step 1 of 4 - Create a free account

Here you can insert your email address and and password to sign up for a free account.
After successfully signing in you will be redirected to the projects page.

Existing account

If you already have an account you can click here to sign in.

Step 2 of 4 - Verify your email

The email verification page can look like this:

After registering your email with us we will attempt to send you an email to verify that your email address exists and can receive emails from us.

Without verifying your email you will only receive emails with public links from us such as project invitations and publicly shared collections or bookmarks.

Please verify your email address to receive any other notifications.

If you are not getting the verification mail, please check this article for possible reasons the verification email is not arriving and how to solve them.

Verification link

This is what the email you receive from us can look like:

Please click the verify email link or paste the link in your browser.
You will only have to do this once per registration.

If an account with this email address already exists in our system you will be redirected to the sign-in page.

Step 3 of 4 - Sign up

Account detail fields

Please fill out the First name, Last name, Password and Confirm password fields.

The password and confirm password field have to match.

You will be able to change these later on.

Terms of service

Please check the box in front of "I accept the Terms of service."

This is required to continue


If you want to receive newsletters from us you can subscribe to them by clicking on the checkbox in front of "Subscribe to our newsletter"

This box is not required to continue

Click "Continue" to go to step 4

Step 4 of 4 - Questionnaire

The questionnaire page can look like this:

Here you will be asked what you will be using Catenda Hub for.

The dropdown has three options:

  • Construction / Infrastructure

  • Software development

  • Educational

Fill out the title that describes you best in the dropdown that then shows up.

Construction / Infrastructure

If you chose Construction / Infrastructure please specify which industry/domain you primarily work in, your company size, name and phone number.

Software development

If you chose Software development please specify which industry segments your software is targeting, your company size, name and phone number


If you chose Educational please specify what type of institution you attend is.

Then what the name of the institution is.

After filling out the questionnaire you will see that the Continue button is highlighted with a green fill.

Note: The options in the questionnaire do not have an effect on your Catenda experience.

Click the "Continue" button to be taken to the New project page.

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