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Note: By clicking on the link below you can find the install page for the plugin.


To start using the Catenda Sharepoint application a SharePoint site administrator will need to install the Catenda SharePoint app. This app can be found on the Microsoft Marketplace.

With this app you will be able to access all your construction documents in Catenda and simplify the publishing of documents.

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With Catenda SharePoint users can extend their SharePoint site with collaboration features for construction projects. Catenda extends SharePoint with support for viewing and managing models, point clouds, and drawings.

Catenda SharePoint allows any file in your Catenda projects to be directly accessible from your SharePoint site. This allows quick access and viewing of any file formats used in the construction industry. The application also allows internally produced documents to be published with one click to the shared workspace in Catenda. New revisions are always matched to the same file as previous revisions.

Uploading files from SharePoint to Catenda

In order to use the Catenda SharePoint integration, you will need to execute the following;

  1. Create a Catenda Account with the same email address you use for Microsoft

  2. Link and verify that account to SharePoint

  3. You will then be able to use the app to publish selected documents from your SharePoint environment to document section on Catenda.

  4. Select the project, library and the destination folder on Catenda, and publish.

    The view of the folder structure in SharePoint is consistent with the view in Catenda.

  5. The published documents will appear in your Catenda project.

Catenda Webpart

On a SharePoint page you can add a webpart, that allows you to connect to the Catenda document viewer;

  1. Create a new page in SharePoint and add a Catenda webpart

  2. After authorizing your account credentials, you can select a project on Catenda and view the documents.

  3. This webpart gives you the ability to open the document directly in Catenda by clicking on the document in the webpart.

  4. In addition, you can drag and drop files from your desktop onto a destination on the Webpart in order to upload these files to Catenda.

Components and permissions

The Catenda SharePoint App contains the following components:


Full Page

Teams tab

List View Command Set

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