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Changelog 2 Catenda - July, 2023
Changelog 2 Catenda - July, 2023
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New articles:
Catenda Hub

Issues resolved

Catenda Hub

  • Models with Japanese characters now download with the correct name

  • Quantity take off now has alternating black and white background columns for better readability

  • Import check-in - Imports with small mistakes like a comma here, a parenthesis there will now be accepted even if the file is written or exported with a minor mistake.

  • The Tree panel now always shows the correct model of an object if that object is selected. Previously there were some cases where the tree menu did not always update to the right model

  • It is now possible to save a selection with the selections menu in the inspect panel.

    A selection of objects can also be colored. This selection can be stored in a snapshot or bookmark.

  • Our servers can now handle the import of files with a lot of geometry that would previously time out.

  • The 3D button stays active again when multiple models are loaded

  • Object are once again deleteable and able to be made transparent.

  • Users with access to top level folders in the documents section will now be able to see their folders even if no access is given to all users in document settings.

Plugins and integrations

Revit plugin
Version 1.0.8 of the Revit plugin will includes:

  • Teams filtering

  • Custom export options are working again

  • Rebranding update

Version 1.1.9 now available for Windows and Mac

Rebranding update

Version 1.1.1 now available for:

Tekla 2022

Tekla 2021

Tekla 2020

Rebranding update

Version 1.3.0 now available.

Rebranding update

Desktop connector

Version now available upon request

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